QuickTurn Engineering


What kinds of materials can you work with?

A: At Quickturn Engineering in Perth, we commonly CNC machine all types of alloy steels, high tensile steels, stainless steels including duplex, aluminium, brass and plastics such as nylon, acetal and polyethelene. We can also CNC Machine aerospace alloys such as titanium and inconel.

How quickly can you do my job?

A: Call us for the best delivery times on CNC Machining in Perth. We cater for prototyping, small batch runs and large production runs.

Can you help design my product?

A: Yes. We can assist with your design requirements and suggest the most cost effective way to produce your components.

Can you do 5 axis milling?

A: Yes. We have two Mazak 5 axis Mill / Turn Centres capable of performing many complex operations in the one setup. This means higher accuracy and better turnaround time.

Can I trust your quality?

A: Yes. We have in place strict quality procedures and use modern calibrated measuring equipment.

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